Build of the Month – July 2018

  • Unused Space Before
  • Space After Udecx
  • Space With Udecx Before Staging
  • Landscaping
  • Design Tool Rendering

This month, we wanted to feature an awesome use of the UDECX product… turning a forgotten or unusable space into something that your friends and family will take notice of. Polly from Glendale, CA sent us this awesome recap of her project, which started with our design tool online, and ended with a FANTASTIC entertaining […]

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UDECX for Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes and UDECX Work Together to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space Simple living and an outdoor lifestyle go hand-in-hand with the tiny homes movement. So does the UDECX portable decking system. In fact, UDECX is the perfect solution for tiny home owners who want to easily and quickly create a patio surface to complement […]

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Enhance Your Home (Tiny Home) Outdoor Living Space

Home improvement for any kind of home-owner What’s on your home (tiny home included!) improvement checklist this summer? As the weather turns beautiful, it’s only natural that homeowners’ thoughts turn to outdoor living – and they make a list of home improvements and renovations to improve this outdoor living space! From a new coat of […]

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UDECX “Build of the Month”

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air. Plants and flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing. The spring season can also bring rain that helps fuels the growth of grass and other plant life. These frequent spring showers can often […]

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