Build of the Month – July 2018

  • Unused Space Before
  • Space After Udecx
  • Space With Udecx Before Staging
  • Landscaping
  • Design Tool Rendering

This month, we wanted to feature an awesome use of the UDECX product… turning a forgotten or unusable space into something that your friends and family will take notice of. Polly from Glendale, CA sent us this awesome recap of her project, which started with our design tool online, and ended with a FANTASTIC entertaining space reclaimed from a previously “neglected” space.

“As you can see, our landscaper did an excellent job incorporating the deck into my vision for this yard redesign. Rather than using risers to elevate the deck (thereby taking advantage of the verticle space in this small yard) I instead opted to make the deck flush with the patio pavers, which maximizes entertaining space and eliminates obstacles for friends and family members with mobility challenges.

I’m happy to say, we are quite pleased with the results – both on a practical level, as well as aesthetically.  The yard renovation process, which took about a week, included the removal of nearly a ton of sandy soil, grading and leveling the ground. The deck itself was about a quarter of the entire cost of renovating the space and was well worth the investment.”

Awesome project Polly, and thanks for sharing! Want your project featured on the Design Blog? Send us your photos at

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