Enhance Your Home (Tiny Home) Outdoor Living Space

Home improvement for any kind of home-owner

What’s on your home (tiny home included!) improvement checklist this summer? As the weather turns beautiful, it’s only natural that homeowners’ thoughts turn to outdoor living – and they make a list of home improvements and renovations to improve this outdoor living space! From a new coat of paint to more complex renovations such as building a patio or deck, one thing is for sure: People want to be outside in the summer, and they want to improve their outdoor living experience.

The problem is that any major improvement to the outdoor space of a home is often costly, complex, and daunting. This year, whether you own a tiny home, a modular home, or a site-built home, why not consider an inexpensive DIY alternative to a new deck or patio that will open up your outdoor living space? With UDECX, the perceived and real obstacles to starting and completing the project are easily overcome. UDECX is a DIY alternative decking solution that enables you to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively enhance your outdoor living space with UDECX as the centerpiece.

So who can benefit UDECX? Everyone!Tiny house with UDECX

Tiny home owners: UDECX’s patented system is the ideal choice for tiny home owners who have opted to forgo the traditional trappings of home-ownership (mortgage payments, large utility bills, major upkeep, furnishings, etc.). For the tiny home owner, the simplicity and ease of incorporating a UDECX patio is a great way to connect with your natural surroundings and expand your outdoor living space. It can be easily reconfigured and expanded, and – one of UDECX’s greatest benefits for the tiny home owner – it goes with you if and when you relocate! Check out UDECX’s Tiny House page for ideas to get you started on converting your vision for your outdoor living space into reality.

Home-owners with a boring backyard: Many home-owners have a bland backyard… and intentions of creating a dream retreat! But these intentions often fall prey to practicality: Who wants to hire an architect to draw up plans or apply for those pesky building permits? With UDECX, you don’t have to do either of these! UDECX requires no permits and no professional planning. It’s easy to install (don’t believe it? Read this blog post about a couple who installed their UDECX patio in one day). Plus, unlike a traditional wooden deck or concrete patio, UDECX doesn’t need to be powerwashed or stained year after year. Just install one day and enjoy the next for years to come.

Modular homes: A deck or porch is often considered an additional upgrade on a modular home… an expensive, inconvenient one! Why waste money on a wooden deck that needs constant upkeep when you can use UDECX? UDECX is the perfect solution for opening up living space around a modular home.

So go ahead – make that summer home improvement list. Paint some trim. Plant some flowers. And use UDECX to make a major, lasting improvement in your outdoor living!

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