Build of the Month – September 2021

Build of the Month – September 2021

This month’s feature comes from Susan in Portage, IN. “I found UDECX online when looking for information on pallet decks and decided it would be much better to do the UDECX system due to better drainage and lack of rot and insect infestations.  Ease of installation also helped with my decision.  Two retired men in my neighborhood helped me install as I developed health issues shortly after delivery. However, except for the recent health issues I could have as a 75 year old female done it by myself.  I love the patio and the ease of cleaning it is wonderful.  Although I did not need a building permit I did have to get a land use one as part of my yard was being covered.  I also am happy to report I am not being assessed for a patio since it is not permanently attached.  Further, UDECX is great with customer service and replaced a small broken part without delay. I highly recommend.” Thanks so much Susan for sharing & welcome to the UDECX family!

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