Build of the Month – March 2019

Build of the Month – March 2019

Our customer install of the month comes from Serge Zborovsky and it showcases many of the distinctive benefits of UDECX.

Here is what Serge has to say:

I own a bar on 3rd Avenue (a very busy avenue) in Manhattan.  I purchased UDECX so that my outdoor seating can stand out against the other outdoor spaces in the neighborhood.  I am very happy with the product.  It was extremely easy to build and looks great.  I am not a builder or a professional contractor, but my manager and I were able to complete the project in a few hours.”

What does Serge’s story tell us about UDECX?

  • UDECX has many practical applications and is extremely versatile
  • UDECX can be used as an eye-catching enhancement to an outdoor space and attract new customers
  • UDECX looks great
  • UDECX is really easy to install. DIY 101!
  • Customers love it!


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