Build of the Month – September 2018

This month’s customer Build of the Month comes from Lorain. Her build featured build faced some challenges that many of our customers face: uneven ground, and the need to get a usable outdoor space, and fast! No matter how simple or complex the install, we love to see how our customers are using our product to live better outdoors! Here’s Loraine’s feedback on her Udecx Experience:

ā€œNothing elaborate compared to the pictures I see online, but its practical, long-lasting and eye-catching. Our ground was very uneven and slopes down to the creek behind our house.ā€

Have your own UDECX install that you want featured? Drop us a line at


I just purchased over a acre. The back of the house has ni deck. I will install a awning iver the deck to fit. I do not gave a cement pad,just fkat ground. How much wiukd 400 sqft of your product cost including a step onto the pad. Finally. Wha would a deck 10Ɨ15 cost. I live in AZ a dry climate.


    Hi Stephen, We will have someone reach out shortly! Thanks!


I need to know how to order the rails for a 10 by 10 kit

Thank You,
Mrs. Hope


    Thanks Mrs. Hope, we will reach out via email!

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