UDECX Customer Build of the Month

Here are some comments from Ashley and Nathan in Ohio after implementing their UDECX outdoor living space:

I would without a doubt give UDECX a 5 out of 5 stars! I absolutely love our new patio! As does everyone who has seen it. I have lost track of how many people have asked me “where did you get a deck like that?”

We haven’t had one night where family, friends and neighbors haven’t come over just to relax on the patio. The best part about it all is that it wasn’t difficult and painstaking to build. The hardest part was leveling the ground to make sure the pads lock together properly. After the ground was level, it was simple, figure out the layout, assemble and lock.

With UDECX,  you get what you pay for! It won’t rot, you don’t have to treat it, easily cleans with a little water. Best of all if you decide to move after you have built it, just disassemble and take it with you!

I have recommended UDECX to everyone I know and I will continue to do so. Thanks UDECX for our amazing backyard oasis!”

Ashley and Nathan – Ohio

UDECX customer


sounds wonderful. we are looking to put a nice deck with our rv at our resort and want something easy to set up and take down if we should have to move to another spot (unlikely) but must plan for the unexpected. did you have any help in planning your deck (did you know exactly what to buy or did it all come with the kit…tt


    The Udecx website has a design online tool under Design Center, this allows you to custom design your deck. The design tool generates a parts list of the parts to order. With Udecx you can order a 10’ x 10’ starter kit or create your own layout and order just the parts you need, The Udecx decking system comes apart as easily as it goes together allowing you to relocate it when the time comes. You can also expand or reconfigure it anytime

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